Experience the Power of Authentic Healing

What if you could achieve profound inner peace without the chaos of daily stress? I specialise in bespoke corporate mindfulness programs.

Experience the Power

of Authentic Healing

What if you could achieve profound inner peace, without the chaos of daily stress?

I specialise in bespoke corporate mindfulness programs.


Fostering balance, alignment, and inner peace through authentic healing.


Guiding you on your journey to personal growth, self-discovery, and spiritual evolution.


A genuine, natural, and holistic approach to well-being and spiritual practices.

Are you struggling with emotional imbalance?

Whether it's the stress of daily life, a sense of disconnection, or a yearning for deeper meaning, we understand that many of our clients face emotional imbalance on their journey to inner wellness. If you are a leader, remember healthy habits start at the top.

Authentic Healing

The modern world can be overwhelming, and it's easy to feel lost or out of balance. If you've been seeking harmony and peace, but you're tired of working so hard to find alignment, Eka Circle is here to support you. Experience a 1:1 intuitive healing session using light and sound.

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At Eka Circle, we believe that true transformation occurs when we align our energies, embrace our authentic selves, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

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  • Holistic Approach: Our holistic approach to well-being encompasses energy healing, chakra alignment, intuitive sound healing, and mindfulness practices.

  • Experienced Practitioners: Our team comprises experienced practitioners and spiritual guides who are passionate about helping you achieve your wellness and spiritual goals.

  • Mindful techniques that can be easily taught and weaved into your personal or business environment. Ask about our bespoke programs, workshops and our Membership Program.

  • Natural and Organic Products: We offer a range of home made natural, organic products filled with loving frequencies to enhance your journey. We also offer sound healing tools and 432 hz singing bowls and can teach you how to use them.

  • Safe and Supportive Space: Eka Circle provides space for you to explore your unique path towards well-being and spiritual growth with full confidentiality.

  • Tailored Solutions: We understand that every individual is on a unique journey. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

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Expo Success

May 25, 20244 min read

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something that you don't.”

- Bill Nye

Celebrating the Success of the Health & Harmony Expo

Well WE succeeded! Eka Circle's first Health and Harmony Expo at GoodSpace recently concluded with resounding success, leaving attendees inspired and rejuvenated. The event, which aimed to promote holistic well-being, eco friendly living and foster meaningful connections, exceeded all expectations with its dynamic networking opportunities, insightful keynote speakers, and generous prizes.

When I speak of Eka Circle that is US as community. It really is not possible to do an event this large without the help of so many with their own unique talents and incredible generosity!

health and harmony expo

Health & Harmony Expo

A Networking Haven

One of the key highlights of the expo was the unparalleled networking opportunities it provided. Attendees from various health and wellness sectors, including entrepreneurial small business owners, ndis practitioners, somatic healing experts, mental health professionals, musicians, creatives and holistic healers all gathered under one roof to exchange ideas and forge new partnerships. The atmosphere was buzzing with conversations, as professionals connected over shared passions and explored potential collaborations.

The expo’s layout facilitated seamless networking, with designated areas for casual meet-ups and more formal business discussions at the corporate tables. A welcome to country accompanied by the powerful sounds of the didgeridoo set the intentions for blessings and peaceful trading with new earth building in mind. We desire to be the change. Intentions for unity followed by an interactive meditation included a cacao ceremony, breathwork and multiple sound healers playing.

Our diverse attendees were encouraged to engage with each other, discuss industry trends, and share their unique innovative practices. Many holistic practitioners were able to demonstrate their modality, we enjoyed live original music by Aimee Claire and band. Our professional photographer Joe Filshie captured the spirit of the day in some amazing portraits and pictures.

Health and Harmony Expo

Insightful Keynote Speakers

The Health and Harmony Expo featured an impressive lineup of keynote speakers who captivated the audience with their expertise and insights. These thought leaders from various disciplines provided valuable perspectives on current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry.

One of the standout speakers was Crystal Renae, a renowned Human design brand strategist, who delivered a compelling talk on the integration of human design branding to attract your soul clientele. Her emphasis on the importance of alignment within a holistic or an eco-friendly brand resonated deeply with the audience.

Another highlight was our flamboyant professional Traidy Naidoo business owner of Chosen Family, who shared practical strategies for maintaining harmony and acceptance in today’s fast-paced world. His interactive storytelling was impactful inspiring us to meet others where they are at with scandalous grace.

Helen Dodd inspired us all to consider implementing circular recycling into our business models and launched her exciting bus shelter project that are 3d printed which is amazing!

We were very grateful to have Mr Leon Pun wrap up our program representing the office of The Hon. Linda Burney MP, Minister for Indigenous Australians.

Exciting Prizes and Giveaways

Adding to the excitement of the expo were the numerous prizes and giveaways that kept attendees eagerly participating in various activities. From massage vouchers, a colonic, art prints, hand-made ceramics, acupuncture, crystals, coaching packages to essential oils. The prizes were designed to enhance the experience of the winners and showcase the versatility of talent that we had attending. We gave away 65 prizes which is astounding and exactly the ethos of generosity that I was imagining for this event.

In addition to the grand prize, numerous exhibitors offered exclusive deals and samples, allowing attendees to experience the latest health products and services first-hand with demonstrations. These giveaways not only added an element of fun but also provided valuable takeaways that attendees could integrate into their wellness routines.

We grazed at an abundant table and tried shots of Indonesian turmeric jamu (which I did notice some may have thought was fresh juice- oops!) We sipped on our Kangen ionised alkaline fruit flavoured water to stay hydrated.

My favourite thing is that some of our community kids joined in. It definitely does take a village of safe responsible conscious community to pave the way for change.

Health and HARMONY expo

photo by joe filshie

So Shall We Do This Again?

Eka Circle's Health and Harmony Expo at GoodSpace was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on all who attended. The event not only provided a platform for networking and professional growth but also enriched attendees with knowledge and inspiration from industry leaders. The engaging activities and exciting prizes added an extra layer of enjoyment, making the expo a memorable experience for everyone involved.

As the event concluded, the buzz and enthusiasm among participants was palpable, with many already looking forward to the next expo. We are planning for the end of October! The Health and Harmony Expo has undoubtedly set a high standard for future health and wellness networking, demonstrating the power of community and collaboration in promoting holistic well-being. Co-creating together is a powerful way to change things for the better - for all of us!

Michelle Noerianto

Images by Joe Filshie Photography

blog author image

Michelle Noerianto

Michelle owner of Eka Circle dreams of a better future and is committed to supporting community build a better future.

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"In the short time I've been fortunate enough to work with Michelle I've experienced positive results on a number of levels. Prior to my first coaching session with her I was deeply depressed and quite frankly stuck in pretty much all areas of my life. Well, Michelle helped me become unstuck. Her empathy, wisdom, passion and generosity combined to help pull me through and ignite the light and love in my life again. Thank you Michelle for going the extra mile for me."

- Patrick

"Michelle, every session with you is worth all the money and time in the world. You heal me, give me so much clarity, allow me to refocus on what is important and empower me by reminding me of my intention and my reason. The chats are better than any therapist, coach or consultant I've ever seen and the sound healing is like magic, filling me with vibrations that cleanse my entire soul. Thank you and don't even stop doing what you're doing!"

- Jennifer

Guys last night's event was out of this world healing. The most incredible vibrations and frequencies across the entire room. I haven't experienced any meditations like last night in 20 years, since India. The holding of hands and connection at the beginning , my soul body went through many layers. The love I encountered was unconditional - the joy of being free and letting go - thank you for your light and love you give out and attract around you.

- Mira


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